Production Partner
for High-Tech Industries
Complex Machining 1 Complex Machining
TECTRI SA specializes in cost-effective, automatic manufacturing
of highly sophisticated turned and milled parts in metal and plastic.
State-of-the-art automatic lathes with up to 11 axes as well as
5-axis vertical machining centres with up to 40 different tool heads
enable the fabrication of highly complex workpieces and extremely
small bores.
Our work is characterized by the highest precision and meets all
standards of high-tech industries, such as medical or instrumenta-
tion systems.
Small and Medium-Sized Series 2 Small and Medium-Sized Series
The complexity of the parts necessitates relatively long machining
times. We therefore specialize in the fabrication and assembly of
small and medium-sized series.
Materials 3 Materials
In contrast with other companies we are familiar with and process
a wide spectrum of materials, from extremely hard or tough metals
(such as Biodur 108, stainless steels and nickel alloys) to soft and
elastic plastics. The material is selected based on the requirements
for the product. We can also work with noble or highly combustible
materials (such as titanium or magnesium). All of our machines
have the respective safety equipment.
As material selection has a decisive effect on the success of a
product, we also offer consulting and tests in questions of mate-
rials upon request.
Dimensions 4 Dimensions
Our machines can process rod stock of up to 65 mm diameter in
a maximum section length of 300 mm. Raw material in block form
can be processed in sizes of up to 250 x 250 x 250 mm.
Engineering 5 Engineering
Our core competence is customer-specific engineering. The ob-
jective is to bring highly complex mechanical sequences to
serial production by finding pragmatic solutions. The indispens-
able practical approach comes from our many years of production
The development of our prototypes is already highly practice-
oriented, with every prototype being capable of series production.
Development thus also comprises a feasibility study.
Streamlining, combining and improving required steps in series
manufacturing provide our customers with decisive market
advantages, such as lower risks, lower production costs and
increased reliability.
Assembly 6 Assembly
We regard ourselves as a full-service company, performing all
tasks for you from consulting through production. A further core
competence lies in assembly of the completed parts.
Our assembly department handles difficult, micromechanical
assembly work, as well as mounting of electrical and electronic
equipment on components.
In-House from Start to Finish 7 In-House from Start to Finish
All of the services described are performed 100% within our
company and are subject to our rigorous quality management.
Independence, a high degree of transparency and perfectly
organized work flow are objectives which we ambitiously pursue -
and achieve. All of the customer audits performed in our company
have been completed to the full satisfaction of our customers.
Responsibility and Commitment 8 Responsibility and Commitment
TECTRI SA is a family owned and operated company with approx.
40 employees. We maintain direct, personal contact with our
customers and are prepared to share commitment and responsi-
bilities in a contract. Instead of a sales department, we provide you
with reliable contact and development partners with the highest
technical competence.

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